Monday, June 27

Fecking Pink Fecking Room feck off

Bob Gandalf arrives in the Diary Room.....

Fecking Pink Fecking Room, How the feck doI get out of this fecking place its like the last fecking thing that Australian Micky Hutchnosense saw as he stuffed an orange in his fecking gob and drew that fecking plastic bag over his head, its totally fecked.

I was told to fecking report fecking here by some gobshite of a fecking Doc, he fecking thought the fecking rest would do me fecking good. I'm all fecking shagged out from saving fecking Africa and need a little fecking sojorn away from that idjit Bonio and his irritating mate the 'ledge'. The Scots twat Midget Cure is aw'a with the fecking fairies on pints of heavy.

So what the feck,I'm here, what the feck do you fecking want me to fecking do. I hope its nothing to fecking do with those fecking geezers I saw outside, fecking dopy lot, all naked and fecking up to their arses in fecking pink hued fecking mud. Fecking idjits the lot of em, in my fecking bleary eyes.


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