Sunday, June 19

Get your arse in here now Girl

How are you finding the Big Blogger experience?

Worrying. From what I’ve seen on telly there is always some sexual tension between participants that will end up being explored in a fumbled-teenage way. The way things are heating up in here right now is making me anxious that these activities may end up being repeated in the BB house. I will of course do my best to interfere with those involved and make sure they get a good seeing to by way of punishment for such despicable behaviour.

What do you hope to achieve from your time in the house?

Fame and fortune, obviously. I’ll wait to get the £100k downpayment from a tabloid before getting my tits out. My arse however, will be proudly displayed alongside the other fine specimens in here.

If you could change one thing about the house, what would it be?

I’m with Zoe, Miss Mish and Jonny here: a max of two posts a week per blogmate. It’ll be easier for readers to get involved that way (actually, a few of the readers of my blog have emailed me to say they can’t keep up with what’s going on and have sadly stopped reading the BB site).

But saying that, I am quiet in the house for a reason: my stealth, smartness and slyness in limiting my posts, will give me the upper hand eventually: us quiet ones are usually the deadliest...


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