Thursday, June 23

The ignominy

I have been cast out. A pariah of the blogging world. Never again shall I know the cosy world that was bigblogger. Destined to wander alone among the cold bits and bytes of the internerd. *sniff* *sniff*

What can I say now? Unfortunately I don't have any dirt to dish. Truth be told I probably didn't devote enough of my attention to the whole affair although this is largely due to a rather serious IT problem at my work for the last couple of weeks that has kept me from spending (wasting) time during the day on bigblogger.

The tasks were fun, I was especially pleased with my dodo letter. Can't say I was too keen on the song lyrics as I have a general aversion to forced poetry writing and comedy songs (which are never funny), although I note nobody got the Ren & Stimpy reference in mine.

Anyway I hope everyone continues to have fun with this and it doesn't get too acrimonious.


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