Tuesday, June 21

NML comes in late...

I don't know where I was when these questions were asked but.....

How are you finding the Big Blogger experience?
It's been OK although sometimes I feel a little out of things. I dip in and out and I miss a lot of the posts and banter.

What do you hope to achieve from your time in the house?
I hope that all of the prancing about semi-naked will allow me to get my baps out for the tabloids. No, just joking, I'm a not that kind of girl! I hope to make a few friends from this interesting bunch of people and have a bit of a laugh.

If you could change one thing about the house, what would it be?
Sorry to be boring, but I have to agree with limiting the number of posts. Normally I'm the first to point out something but fortunately this time there were a few housemates that pointed it out before me! I can't keep up with all the posts and it makes it really hard for someone who isn't a housemate, never mind a housemate that isn't in on the joke to keep up. Maybe people could do the extra posts in the Diary Room.....I do recognise that it's trial and error and of course, I am patient and will go with the flow, whatever you choose to do!


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