Monday, June 20

Och Aye the Noo Big Blogger!

How are you finding the Big Blogger experience?

If I'm honest I'm kinda non-plussed but then I've not exactly thrown myself heading long into things, preferring to watch from a distance (those zoom lens are great, aren't they...). Some good stuff but all that's doing is giving me a complex and making posting a challenge, but then some can spout drivel 24/7, others prefer to keep their own counsel and aim for quality over quantity. Or maybe I'm just crap, not sure, what do you think Big Blogger?

What do you hope to achieve from your time in the house?

Fame of course. My aim this year is to win the "best kept secret" prize at next years Bloggies, so I had to raise my profile somehow or I'm just the "secret" blog that no-one knows about. Now that would be fine but I'm getting fedup of creating my own awards, and truth be told my audience of me is getting a little fickle..

If you could change one thing about the house, what would it be?

Ohh let's go with the flow, and limit the posting. I'm far too busy ogling Girl and Miss Mish to keep it up... er.. keep up with everything as it is. In saying that I think that vit bird, the one wot does all the doodles, ohh she's great, should have her own website, don't ya think??


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