Sunday, June 12

Please Sir, Can I have some more...

Are you there God? It's me. NML. Whoops! Sorry about that! I thought I was in a Judy Blume book for one moment......

Can we have some alcohol please? And if you're feeling generous, I'd also like:

Giant Marks and Spencer chocolate chip cookies
A half chicken medium spiced, well done with fries and coleslaw from Nando's
The Sunday Times

I had some trouble with Haloscan not letting me comment over the weekend but I managed to fix it this morning. I have been doing a lot of prancing around in my underwear {adjusts cleavage so that everyone can get a good eyeful} and I have introduced myself to most of the housemates. I haven't had cause to use my rabbit vibrator yet (no change there then!) and I've lazed around a lot and listened to those boys farting. God help me if I don't end up passing out from the stench.

That's all for now. Just felt like having a ramble.........


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