Thursday, June 16

Pretentious? Moi?


What's that, darling, "done myself up"?... no darling, this is my au naturel look... now what about these silly little questions of yours... hmmm?

"Question One is: How are you finding the Big Blogger experience?"
Oh, I'm having a whale/wail/wale of a time, an absolute riot. Constant attention, lots of booze... darling, this martini is super dry, thank you... and as I love to draw bottoms I'm in luck.. there are a lot, and they're big.

"Question Two is: What do you hope to achieve from your time in the house?"
Well,darling, the obvious answer would be "lots of paintings of bottoms"... you never know, I may get into the Turner Prize yet... but I'm hoping to acheive maybe a little more understanding of myself, because as you know, I am not at all self absorbed, so maybe it will give me time for a little further introspection. Maybe.

"And Question Three is: If you could change one thing about the house, what would it be?"
Oh darling, nothing, it's simply lovely.... just get rid of a few of them. They are a bit hairy. And I do think a THIRD erm... what do you call them? blog is it? to act as Davina's blog... summing up the day's goings on... for I fear you won't be able to keep some of us down to only speaking twice in a week, darling, simply not on with this diet of cillit bang daiquiris and choccy biccies, darling. Sugar rush.


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