Friday, June 24

To Wibble or not to Wibble that is the question

'Oh Dear! Oh Dear Oh Dear' Dr Rob Holds his head in his hands, 'up for eviction a second time'. What psychological torture this is Big Brother' Dr Rob is torn, should he wibble or should he keep his head below the parapet? 'Its a mind field out there' he mutters. 'Its about time you had some pet Psychologist in the room telling us the in's and outs of the twisted minds that haunt this show!' He says making himself comfortable on the strangly shaped seat.

Dr Rob is also dressed in a strange orange robe and is waving a bit of smoking stick around that makes quite a nausious smell.

'Big Blogger', he exclaims 'Under section 101 of the Human Rights act I demand a sacred space to be able to follow my true calling'

At that he prostrates himself before the all seeing eye and demands that Big Blogger clicks here


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