Monday, July 18

Commenting on Comments

Hello Big Blogger

I don't want to be a whinger, but I too want to complain about this comment-whoring task that has been set for several reasons, not least of which is that I have been away for the weekend, rushed into an internet cafe on Saturday morning to write up my fancy dress task before you had set this new task, and have not looked at a computer since, and so was in total ignorance that this was going on until about ten minutes ago.

Furthermore, like many bloggers I do not make my blog known among my friends so that I do not have to censor myself. If they find it for themselves, fine, but I don't publicise it, and much as I have enjoyed this competition and finding original ways to answer the tasks, that is a freedom I am not prepared to give up.

Therefore my only course is to ask people on my own blog to leave these comments, which again is unsatisfactory because I do not get as large a readership as most of the others remaining in the competition, even if they didn't have a two day head start on me. Therefore, I may as well just say goodbye now.

If those are the rules, fine, but I still want to register my objection to this very poorly thought out task which was always going to weed out a competitor with a less well read blog and has no bearing on actual performance within this competition. Unless you would like me to nip over, invent about 500 names and leave comments under them saying what a great guy I am. Kind of defeats the object though, doesn't it?


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