Friday, July 22

Goodbye all

(Better late than never...)

It was fun, if a little challenging to participate in the Big Blogger experience.

Not knowing many of the other blogmates, I posted on this blog with some trepidation: what would they think of me, the sole sex-blogger taking part?

Most likely I imagine others assumed that I would - as I do on my own blog - talk about sex, and to some extent I did in BB. But I hope that the people reading my posts here were able to see another side to me too, and perhaps be able to read my writing in a different (and less ghettoised context).

So I didn't get my tits out (sorry folks), but instead attempted some humour in an effort to not talk about my like of rampant shagging (damn, done it again).

Others did it better of course - and I wish all remaining participants the best of luck - but I enjoyed taking part; it's not the winning that counts after all.

Even if I cleared space on my mantlepiece for a BB trophy.


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