Tuesday, July 19

Granting Immunity

Hello Little Blogger

Ooh, this is tough. Who to decide to give immunity to. I'm quite torn between two people and the big problem here is that, having seen the voting totals shortly before you took them down, I know that whichever one I choose, the other one will probably be evicted, and that's a power I don't really want to have.

You see, I think that Vit and Zoe, both of whom definitely deserve to stay because they have entertained me the most, are going to be fine anyway and don't need immunity. Better to give it to someone who, like myself, might be in trouble next week. So I'm torn between Girl and NML.

But a decision must be made, and I'm sorry but I'm just going to have to play favourites. Because I've known her (in a interwebnet way) longest of anyone in the game, and mainly because nearly six months ago she was the first person ever ever ever to put up a link to my blog, I am going to grant immunity to....



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