Wednesday, July 20

Signing off now...

I have been evicted!!!

I kiss everybody, some for longer than others, and give a quick reassuring word to Zoe. I could not have expected her to choose somebody else and save me as that would have been unfair, and it will not be the case that in 35 years time when she says ‘look I asked you to pick up some milk on the way home’ I will say ‘yes, but don’t forget you singlehandedly caused me to be evicted from the Big Blogger house’.

Proudly I walk from the door of the house past the gathered throng. Tony Hadley and Phil Tufnell are there at the back, looking relieved that their stories will not now be told. There is some jocular booing from the hundreds of fans there but it is just jocular, oh yes.

The people have spoken and I cannot argue. Although I should point out that this country’s Obsolete and Unfair first-past-the-post voting system has meant that I have been evicted even though the vast majority of people in total voted for me to stay. Somebody else should have gone. It is results like this that lead to apathy amongst young people.

So, Davina, who do I think should win?

It’s very fair that I’ve gone. I was a bit worried at the start that I wouldn’t have time to do it justice, but fortunately there were enough people around that I could lurk in the background. Then, every time I was able to get the bit between my teeth, something seemed to happen to thwart me. But I’m glad I saw it out.

Personally I thought the best thing was how it threw together the established very highly read and the newer not very highly read. It was always important, if it was to work, that this wasn’t just ‘the usual suspects’. So I wanted someone different to win.

So, of the remainder, that disqualifies Mike and Zoe, who don’t need any bigging up from me, although Zoe introduced that muppet thing and Mike’s summaries for the readers were an excellent contribution as it sort of told me what had been going on as well. I love Miss Mish’s style, which is all hers and hers alone. And NML is, well (adopts Leslie Phillips voice) “just bang on”, although it was annoying when she blocked up the holes that I had drilled in the shower, which were there only for ventilation, oh yes.

Vitriolica was my favourite from the start, as of everybody she did the most to stamp her individuality on the house, and her drawings became its ‘brand’ if you will. And finally Alan, whose dignified response followed by comment-fest was a stroke of brilliance.


I think Vit has had a lot of support elsewhere, so I’m going to say to my legions of fans:

I’m backing the man. With a beard.


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