Friday, July 8

Strange Stalinistic Suspicions


Its me Dr Rob.

First can I raise some strange stalinistic suspicions.

It seems that on the wall of honour, i.e. the photograph album, I have been erased and replaced by Clair! O how it hurts. even when I was to be partially erased by a big red cross, to find that history has been re-written by BB who has removed my warholed visage.

Secondly can I just say how much I enjoyed my time in the house. I wish it had been louder as personally I found it a little quiet. As you know I seem to have developed a personality in the house who took the position - why write a hundred words when a thousand would do! It was BIG blogger after all.

Anyway the public have spoken, but strangly only during the voting. Very very few, considering the hits the site is getting, nearly 20,000 now, left a comment, which I found a bit disconcerting. We know at least 200 people were reading the stuff because they voted, so why didn't they leave comments - get involved.

I would have loved to find out why my writing (I am not going to say 'I') was so unpopular.

Anyway 'Ce la Vie'

Good Luck to the contestants still in the house - I'm rooting for Vit!

Please can I have my picture back?

Dr. Rob


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