Tuesday, July 19

Thank You Alan!

I've just sang your praises on my own blog, and in the comments on the posts relating the immunity, but wanted to give it it's own post. Alan, it was an incredibly kind gesture and I really appreciate it. We have indeed been blog pals for over 6 months and I was really touched by your post.
I do want to say that I'm gutted by The Girl and Jonny B leaving as they are darlings the pair of them. The Girl is the only woman I've ever flirted with and I'm fascinated by Jonny B who makes me laugh a lot. On top of that he talks about poo and underpants which appeals to my inner child! Massive hugs to you both and we must keep in touch on the blogs.

Little Blogger, calling me 'delicious' earns you some serious brownie points with me!



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