Friday, July 1

A Touch of Class

Bon Joor Mon Ami

Yeah, I reckon Mike and Mish have got the right idea here. What we need around this joint is a bit of class, a bit of sophistication.

So to start with can we get a few bottles of top notch plonk in. Real good stuff. Something like that Piat Door. The French adore that stuff apparently, so it must be good. Say what you like about Johnny Frog, he knows a good drop of plonk when he tastes it. If you can't get any of that stuff, then how about some of that there Bow Jolly Noo Vo I keep hearing about?

And let's get some really class posh grub as well. Stuff like Scampi and Chicken in the Basket like they eat in the posh restaurants. Prawn cocktails, you know the kind of stuff.

Oh, and just to pass the time could we have a pack of cards please. One of the ones with pictures of birds with their knockers out, if possible.


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