Friday, July 29

While I remember....

Look darlings, I have gone, honestly! I've only just nipped back in through the blog-flap to
oversee the lugage removal and make sure they are packing everything in tissue paper.
But there's just a few things of which I need to remind you.
  1. Don't forget to feed the dodo. She does get a little fractious if she's on short rations and starts to eat the herb garden which diagrees with her delicate constition. And frankly, a dodo with bad wind smelling of basil and rosemary is not nice.
  2. Please make sure Alan combs his beard after meals. He'll look terrible on the photographs otherwise.
  3. Make sure the pool is kept cucumber-free when they fill it up with fresh pimms. It clogs up the filters and it sounds like the Dodo with bad wind...
  4. I made a whole load of chicken soup before I left. It's in the fridge but won't last long so have it for dinner tonight.
  5. BEHAVE! (you know what I mean...)


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