Saturday, July 2

wouldn't it be good?

O Little Blogger, this is MY request for the weekend....I would like it if more people from outside the house talked to us through the magical communication machine that is the comment box?

I suspect that many people are frightened off when they see only us, your very good and handsome self, the equally sexpottish Big Blogger.. and the adorable pink... and a couple of others from time to time... wibbling on about the wibble (and what would blogging be if it weren't for the wibble?).

Let me give you a sobering example: it took me, ME, about fifteen years to work up the courage to comment in Zoe's and Mike's home blogs.

I still haven't dared to comment ever in Girl's blog, people might think I'm a perv. (!)

From what I see there are an awful lot of people "watching" our little big blogger escapade, but we don't ever hear from them.

Unless there's something I don't know about.

Actually, that could be it.

They happen sometimes. ... things I don't know about..... BUT NOT OFTEN!

So, lovely little ginge afro with man boobies blogger... how could you encourage them?


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